Professional Driving Lessons & Practice Hours in North Wales, PA 

One of the most important life skills you should acquire whether you are based in the country or living in the city is driving. This seemingly simple skill helps you accomplish everyday tasks and during emergencies. While family members or friends can teach you how to drive, road safety experts recommend that potential drivers take formal driving lessons. This is the fastest route and one of the most effective ways to become a defensive driving expert and a responsible car owner. This is where we come in! When it comes to the best driving school in Horsham, PA, IQ Driving School is the one to turn to!

IQ Driving is a driving school for everyone. Our teachers all have years of experience teaching those with learning disabilities and provide the required attention to ensure that all of our students learn what it takes to be a defensive driver. Whenever you need a reputed driving school in Horsham, PA, don’t hesitate to call us. IQ Driving School provides high-quality defensive driving and defensive parking lessons at a price that won’t hurt your wallet!


Opt for the best in-car lessons and be the best driver on the road! Book an appointment with us,  reach us through (215) 822-5777.